The Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE) has been supporting high public interest entities by giving different awareness creation works, trainings and follow up & supporting for the last 2 years to present their report based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). These Entities are being finalized to present their report of 2010 budget year as per the standard.

Accordingly, the Board has prepared a workshop in collaborating with World Bank for regulatory bodies of respective institutions to know key points and factors can challenge for the regulatory and controlling purpose during the implementation of IFRS.

During the workshop from May 21-23/2018, 55-60 participants from regulatory bodies including from National Bank of Ethiopia, Ministry of Public Enterprise, Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority, Charities and Societies, ECX and Federal Cooperatives Agency will be expected.

From May 24-25/2018, at least 60 participants from financial regulatory bodies (National Bank of Ethiopia, Banks and Insurances sectors) will participate and on 25/2018 in the afternoon, about 200 external auditors will be attend.

Relating with the implementation, those who have questions should send their questions up to May 16/2018 04:00 pm via the Board’s website and Facebook page.

Note: We will announce the place of the workshop soon.


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